Of the 7,000+ languages of the world

Over 6,000 do not have a full Bible

And 45% do not have a written form


Training & Tools for Oral Bible Translation & Engagement

80% of the world’s population are oral learners– people who do not read or prefer to learn by oral means. This percentage is much higher among unreached people groups. Oral learners are not necessarily illiterate, they simply prefer to learn through oral performance.

For the oral majority of the world to be able to engage effectively with the living Word, it must be translated and presented to them in a medium and format they understand and with which they can engage. Traditional literate-based approaches do not effectively “speak their language”.

In the Original (Old) Testament, God provides a roadmap for discipling an oral nation. Benefitting from the tremendous resources of the language, land, and culture/historical context of the Bible, we aim to serve as a vital Kingdom multiplier by developing educational programs, materials, and tools for oral Bible translation, storytelling, and Scripture engagement; and creating innovative solutions to enable high orality-reliant communities to access and engage with the whole Word.


“Rina” is a translation consultant-in-training who completed the immersive School of Biblical Hebrew and MA in Classical Hebrew & Translation Consulting in Jerusalem. She is involved with the End Bible Poverty Now initiative because of her experiences as a Bible training leader in Australia, Germany and Papua New Guinea. It was in PNG that she first realized the need for Bible translation and audiovisual Bibles as the community there does not read and has no Scripture in their heart language.

Beryl performs the Creation story in Hebrew

“May I have the needed passion, strength, and support to pursue orality in all its fullness and advantages as a servant of God for my people group and for the people group to which the organization I belong is serving. Thank you for being an instrument in opening the eyes of my mind.”

– Margie רבקה, Philippines