Celebrate With Us!

जुलाई 7, 2023 | Latest News, Press Releases

 We are excited to share highlights from the recent School of Biblical Hebrew graduation. Click the image below to view a digital flipbook with pictures and quotes.

23 students celebrated 9 months of immersive Hebrew training, dedicated to accelerating full Bible translations worldwide. Their goal? Translating the Bible from the original language to mother tongues without the complete Word of God.

“Why do we come here? We know that when we speak in a family in our mother tongue, we understand very well the meaning of what were saying. The Bible, the core of salvation for the nations, was written in the mother tongue of the Hebrew people. This is the reason we have to be immersed in the language so we can truly understand and translate it better into other languages. My friends, the world waits for usto translate to all languages so there will be not one language without the full Bible. And this work is going to have an influence—that the knowledge of the Lord will come to the ends of the earth.” — Abou Assifa, from the student main address (shared in fluent Hebrew)

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