Water in the Desert

मई 11, 2023 | Latest News, Press Releases

Want to hear one of our students sharing in Hebrew after only 5 months? Meet Shlomo, a translation consultant-in-training from Benin.

Shlomo left his family and community to learn Hebrew so that he could train translation teams to translate the Original (Old) Testament from its original language. He is joined by others who are dedicated to bringing the water of life to their nations in their own languages. Shlomo emphasizes the need for translators and consultants to help with this important task, saying “The need is evident. We need quality workers in God’s field to effectively do the task He has assigned to us.”

Shlomo serves with Wycliffe Benin, a partnership through which we train consultants to help accelerate full Bible translation for Benin and West Africa. We are so grateful for partnerships around the world and for faithful stewards like you. Together we can eliminate Bible poverty in this generation

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