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Whole Word Institute & Translation strives to cultivate a unique and enhanced learning program for biblical Hebrew, by using a language immersion environment, studying the Scriptures within their linguistic, geographical, cultural and historical setting. The focused study of biblical Hebrew within this context deepens understanding and enables retention for future use in a way that could not be accomplished if taught primarily in another language.

Many of the local cultures here differ from one another and are often quite different from the cultures that course participants might represent. Whole Word Institute & Translation seeks to maintain an ongoing Christian witness with the local communities. For this reason we ask that all participants agree to abide by the following standards:

  • Short shorts are not
  • Mid-thigh/knee-length walking shorts are acceptable in certain
  • Slacks are generally acceptable
  • Further information and orientation will be given as

Whole Word Institute gives students the opportunity to focus on learning the language of the Bible. Therefore, we ask you not to develop any exclusive relationship until after completion of your WWin programs. If your meet your future life- partner while in Israel, time is a good test of the relationship. We also realize that this community provides amazing opportunities to develop deep and lasting friendships. We encourage relationships built on openness, inclusion, integrity and purity.

For the sake of respecting each other’s private space, cultural sensitivity, and so that our “good is not evil spoken of,” we ask that:

  • beginning a non-platonic relationship is not permitted while you are a student of any WWin programs
  • men do not enter women’s bedrooms, and vice versa
  • no student should be alone with members of the opposite gender in non-public spaces, including any room in our student lodging facility (Beit HaAmim)

Agreement: By signing this agreement I recognize and certify the following:

Because I will be participating in a Christ-centered community in the Middle East, I will endeavor to conduct myself in accordance with a Christ-centered lifestyle. I will read and abide by guidelines and rules contained within the IBLT Student Handbook.

I will refrain from dishonest, disruptive and irresponsible behavior, drunkenness and intoxication, sexual harassment, promiscuity, theft or abusive behavior.

I understand that violation of any of these standards, or of providing false or misleading information on this application, is grounds for disciplinary action, including immediate dismissal from the program and return to my country at my own expense.