Whole Word Institute serves as a capacity builder for the Bible Translation Movement, training a new generation of translators and consultants in biblical source languages. The planting that has been done in the last years could not take root without our partners. We are overwhelmingly blessed to partner with 48 like-minded organizations who work tirelessly to advance the spread of God’s Word to the ends of the earth, each of which play indispensable roles in the Bible translation movement. Thank you to each one around the world as we work to multiply access to God’s whole story.

“The work of Whole Word Institute is closing the Old Testament Gap, helping to achieve the goals of the worldwide Bible translation movement. [These goals] cannot be accomplished without the work of Whole Word Institute. I consider it a privilege to partner together to accelerate the training of OT translators and consultants so that OT translations can begin in every language needing one by 2033.” 

John Chesnut, CEO Wycliffe USA 

Can we imagine our Bibles to contain only the New Testament? The reality is that in 2021, while 717 language communities have access to the whole Bible, there are 1,582 communities that only have the New Testament. The Old Testament has yet to be translated creating an Old Testament Gap. Whole Word Institute plays a crucial role in communicating the urgent need to translate the whole counsel of God; and is committed to doing the hard work of training, mentoring, innovating and inspiring many to be fluent in Biblical Hebrew in order to translate the Old Testament accurately. I thank God for the Whole Word Institute, and I believe that as a result of their leadership and collaborative efforts, we will narrow the Old Testament Gap, and more people will have access to the life-giving Scriptures. 

Simon Wan, Asia-Pacific Area Director, Wycliffe Global Alliance

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