90% of the world’s
languages do not
have the whole
Word of God.


have never had
even a verse of the
Old Testament in
their language!

Can you imagine picking up your Bible and not having the Creation story from Genesis chapter one? What about the stories of parting the Red Sea, or Noah and the Ark, or David and Goliath? How would you understand God and His plan for all of humankind? Over 1 billion people around the world have never heard the whole story of the Bible.

It’s time to tell the whole story!

You can make a difference for people who have never known the hope of God’s full Word.

Through the Victories 4 Verses initiative, each Indy Genesis victory on the court provides a $35 donation to provide the education and training needed to translate one chapter of the book of Genesis for a people group without the Old Testament.


ONE CHAPTER of the Book of Genesis will be translated!


ALL THE VERSES in the book of Genesis translated for a people group without the  beginning of the story of God!

Fill out the form below to pledge $35 per win for your team this year.

You’ll get an email with a web link to fulfill your pledge at season end. Please type your team name in the comments.

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