Jonathan Ebsworth
Chief Technology Officer, Whole Word Institute
Jonathan Ebsworth has spent almost forty years working with Technology, since he left University with a degree in Earth Sciences. He began by designing, developing, operating and maintaining technology solutions for international businesses. Increasingly he has been advising organisations on how to use and deploy modern technology solutions to meet changing business needs. For most of his career he worked for very large companies including British Steel Corporation, Siemens Nixdorf, Arthur Andersen, Capgemini, CSC and Infosys Consulting.

Frustrated by the way technology companies tended to push new technologies without sufficient consideration for their impact on people subject to these tools, Jonathan and his wife Linda set up their own Consulting business, Techdotpeople Ltd. in 2019. In that business, Jonathan has brought his technology experience together with Linda’s expertise in business organization and development of people to advise and develop solutions for our clients.

Linda and Jonathan, together with Professor John Wyatt also set up a small think-tank exploring the impact of technology on humanity and faith. Some of the output of that work can be found at

They have two daughters; sports-mad Isabelle (14) and Charlotte (12) who sings for many choirs and has recently taken up rowing. Thanks to them, Jonathan has qualified as a L1 Women’s Lacrosse umpire and both parents seem to spend our evenings and weekends driving around the south of England to choir rehearsals, courses, concerts, clubs and matches. They attend Emmaus Road Church in Guildford, UK.