Sharona Alley, MA
Dean of the Hebrew Department

Sharon lives in Jerusalem with her husband, who pastors an international congregation, and her three school-aged boys. She grew up in Africa, where her parents worked with Wycliffe, her father as a Bible translation consultant, and attended boarding school at Rift Valley Academy. She studied her tertiary degrees at Hebrew University of Jerusalem, in Hebrew Bible.

Sharon is passionate about opening up the richness of the Bible through teaching biblical languages, which has been her main pursuit for the past 25 years.  She taught courses in Hebrew Bible, Hebrew, and Greek for several years in New York City at Nyack College Manhattan Campus.  She has been involved with curriculum development, training teachers, as well as teaching students for the Biblical Language Center before coming to Whole Word Institute.

If she had free time, she would enjoy going out into nature and pondering the time space continuum.