the whole Word for the whole world

One translator can change a million lives

Translators from all over the world are learning in the language of the Bible so that they can translate into languages that have never had the whole Word. They believe in the power of God’s whole story to transform their communities. On average, each of our graduates will facilitate translation in 3 to 15 languages over their lifetime, bringing the Bible to multiple communities for the first time.

Together with them, we can share the whole story with millions who have no access to God’s life-giving Word.

One Translation can impact generations

90% of the world’s languages don’t have the whole Bible. That means no Psalms, Isaiah, or the Creation story. 99 million people don’t even have a single word of Scripture in their language. In this world where lies and partial truths abound, God’s Word is the only constant truth. 

Your gift toward full Bible translation will help provide the truth for this generation and generations to come.
Thus far, 244 students will bring access to 350 million people. That equals an average of 1.4 million persons per student in the first generation alone!
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