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Nov 14, 2022 | Latest News

This Christmas we have an opportunity to make a difference in one of the darkest regions of the world.

Five indigenous translators from Wycliffe Benin have left their homes and communities to study biblical Hebrew in order to give the whole Word to the people of Benin, Africa. Why five? Benin has 63 language groups43 of these languages still do not have the whole truth of God’s Word. Five of these languages do not have even one word of Scripture translated. No wonder so many people in Benin are living in darkness.

Benin is the birthplace and “cradle” of the Voodoo cult. It remains one of the poorest countries in Africa, with nearly half of its 13 million people living below the poverty line. But God has raised up translators who serve with the goal to shine the light of His Word, believing it will transform their own nation. 

Godefroy, a translator and pastor, shared his heart: “I want to see the Word of God transform many lives and see the light of God and His Kingdom established in many communities.”   

Our partner, Wycliffe Benin, is dedicated to raising up local leaders in the Bible translation movement. This is why they have sent five translators to Jerusalem: to accelerate translations and influence countless communities. And for this reason, Wycliffe USA has committed to double any gift toward the cost of the translators’ training in biblical Hebrew.

Two-thirds of the cost for these students to learn to translate the whole Bible has already been committed. We are asking you to help them with the remaining 33%.  

What is still needed?  

$12,500 (USD) for each translator to fund the entire cost (visas, room/board, transportation, field trips and classroom instruction) of training in biblical Hebrew and translation for multiple languages.

5 students = $62,500 total by the end of the year 
*All funds raised beyond this goal will be used for additional student scholarships. 

When you give, your gift will be doubled—not matched but doubled! For every $1 you give, $2 is contributed.

  • $50 given becomes $150 
  • $200 given becomes $600 
  • $1,000 given becomes $3,000 

Join us as we form a three-fold cord that will enable the transformation of generations to come as the Word of truth illuminates the darkness.

Thank you for sharing the Word,

The Whole Word Institute team  The Whole Word for the Whole World

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