Master Storyteller Launches at ION North America Regional Conference

Sep 28, 2017 | Latest News, Press Releases

Master Storyteller—a book, short films & digital learning platform on God’s oral communication in the Bible & Hebrew tradition—officially launched at the International Orality Network’s North America Regional Conference on September 12, 2017, where 150 participants gathered to discuss central matters of orality.

“A watershed moment for the journey of orality and the next generation…” says Samuel Chiang, President & CEO Seed Company, & Lausanne Catalyst—Orality.

The Master Storyteller production explores the diverse ways God has communicated throughout history, and the creative possibilities he gives us to tell his story in our own communities. Master Storyteller underscores God’s oral nature and affirms humankind as innately oral, having been made in God’s image. The production’s multi-media approach not only celebrates the diverse means of communication available to us, but encourages its audience to engage with the material in a collaborative, discussion-based approach.

The interactive digital platform offers an electronic version of the book and is updated regularly with related content and media, as well as live forums allowing for ongoing interaction.

In her endorsement of Master Storyteller, Robin P. Harris, PhD., Director of Center for Excellence in World Arts at GIAL and President of International Council of Ethnodoxologists says, “Together, this compendium of resources equips and inspires us to follow the eternal storyteller’s example in drawing from a range of artistic forms when communicating his story within our own communities and beyond.”

Master Storyteller is a project of the Center for Oral Scriptures (COS)— a program of the Whole Word Institute committed to advancing access and engagement with the whole Word of God for every language, culture, and people. A team of three authored this project – Dr. David Swarr, Ricki Gidoomal, and Psalm Araujo. They share extensive exposure to the land of the Bible and to Hebrew language and tradition, and together they also created the short film trilogy produced in Israel.

All proceeds from the book and production go toward the work of the Center for Oral Scriptures in serving oral learners.

The full production and hi-res films are available for purchase on the website:

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