Exciting news! BLC Joins Whole Word Institute

Jul 27, 2023 | Latest News, Press Releases

 Advancing Biblical Language Resources for Full Bible Translation 

Shalom! We at Whole Word Institute would love to share an exciting advancement in our partnership with the Biblical Language Center (BLC). 

BLC, founded in 1996 by our Provost, Dr. Randall Buth, has aided us with curriculum and personnel from the very outset of the organization and now has formally joined Whole Word Institute. Two years ago we entered into a pact in which each agency committed itself to seeking the success and prospering of the other. The advantages of joining together as one organization have become evident and an agreement was reached to formalize the union. Whole Word Institute has agreed to acquire BLC and to faithfully steward its vision to make biblical language training available to the body of Christ globally. The board of Whole Word Institute sees this as a significant step in furthering our call to make the whole Word accessible to the whole world. The broader advocacy from this strategic “more together” development will result in more laborers and resources for Bible translation as the influence and biblical language capacities in churches, institutions, leaders, and young people grow.

Kevin Neuner, Board Chair, BLC

“The coming together of BLC and Whole Word Institute merges world-class, cutting-edge scholarship of biblical language pedagogy, curriculum development, and language acquisition practices with the most robust biblical language training implementation programs in the world. This merger is in full alignment with the mission, ‘the whole Word for the whole world,’ and we highly anticipate that biblical scholarship, Bible translation and biblical literacy will be transformed all over the world.”

Samuel Chiang, Board Chair, Whole Word Institute

“When two organizations come together to serve the Kingdom, there are often adjustments to be made, egos to be left at the door, and constant reminders to think the best of each other. Over a two-year process with BLC we did not face any of the aforesaid challenges! Instead, there was a hand-fit-glove feel that we can serve better as one entity, extending Kingdom impact and eliminating costs in the process. The Board of Whole Word Institute focused on the additional strategic opportunities to develop well-trained translators and consultants for the Bible translation movement’s goals of 2033 and beyond, while concurrently equipping the next generation of indigenous Church leaders around the globe with the biblical language skills essential to healthy self-reliance. With BLC becoming part of Whole Word Institute, we are delighted to steward the opportunity to offer all biblical languages, in the way people learn best, for the future of the Church and all who have yet to receive access to the whole Word of God.”

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