They Walk in Darkness

Nov 28, 2022 | Latest News

What is it like to walk without the Good Shepherd? You have received so much light in your life and walk in hope and blessing of that light. But what if your world was in darkness, shrouded only in fear? 

Benin is in dire need of the light of the world. It is one of the poorest nations filled with voodoo and witchcraft, with child slavery and abuses rampant. People are hungry for hope but are walking in the valley of the shadow of death. 

Now, imagine hearing for the first time about a Good Shepherd—one who walks through death with you, prepares for you a table—one who heals and restores. 

You have the opportunity to share the light of the world to those who walk in darkness, giving healing at the source from God’s powerful Word. You can impact generations by supporting indigenous translators from Benin who have left their homes and families to study Hebrew and return to translate the whole Bible for their communities in Benin.  

What impact will this have? Consider what just one chapter like Psalm 23 can do. 

An African translator told us a story about a local pastor in his community who had only the New Testament and had just heard Psalm 23 for the first time. He begged that the chapter be put into his New Testament, saying that it would be his church’s devotion for months. He had understood the deep meaning of Jesus saying, “I am the Good Shepherd.” Speaking of his people the translator shared, 

“If the Lord is their shepherd and they shall not want, if they know they can trust and rely on him…fear will be taken away.”  

Please consider taking the next step to give toward the training of these committed translators from Benin.

Our partner, Wycliffe Benin, is dedicated to raising up local leaders in the Bible translation movement. This is why they have sent five translators to Jerusalem: to accelerate translations and influence countless communities. And for this reason, Wycliffe USA has committed to double any gift toward the cost of the translators’ training in biblical Hebrew.  

Two-thirds of the cost for these students to learn to translate the whole Bible has already been committed. We are asking you to help them with the remaining 33%.  

What is still needed?  

$12,500 (USD) for each translator to fund the entire cost (visas, room/board, transportation, field trips and classroom instruction) of training in biblical Hebrew and translation for multiple languages.  

5 students = $62,500 total by the end of the year 
*All funds raised beyond this goal will be used for additional student scholarships. 

When you give, your gift will be doubled—not matched but doubled! For every $1 you give, $2 is contributed.  

  • $50 given becomes $150 
  • $200 given becomes $600 
  • $1,000 given becomes $3,000 

Join us as we form a three-fold cord that will enable the transformation of generations to come as the Word of truth illuminates the darkness.

Thank you for sharing the Word,

The Whole Word Institute team  The Whole Word for the Whole World

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