Rina Crochets a Parable

Nov 2, 2020 | Latest News

Rina Crochets a Parable

Bringing the Word to life through a Bilum

“Rina” is a translation consultant in training (CiT) who has been in Jerusalem the past year completing the immersive School of Biblical Hebrew and MA in Classical (Biblical) Hebrew & Translation Consulting. She is involved with the End Bible Poverty Now initiative because of her experiences as a Bible training leader in Australia, Germany and Papua New Guinea. It was in PNG that she first realized the need for Bible translation and audiovisual Bibles as the community there does not read and has no Scripture in their heart language.

Rina shares the process and story behind her project, The Parable of the Sower.

The Oral Bible Translation (OBT) course is part of the MA in Classical Hebrew & Translation Consulting which addresses the worldwide need for full Bibles for oral people groups. Of the 7,361 languages of the world, nearly 45% do not have an orthography (a written form) and over 6,000 do not have a full Bible.

As part of the OBT course for the Parable of the Sower ethno-art practicum, students craft contextually appropriate means of communicating the story to a specific oral community utilizing a media they can understand and share. Rina chose to crochet a “Bilum” (a common tote in PNG), with colorful images illustrating the four kinds of ground.

Please continue to pray with us for translation consultants like Rina who are committed to accelerating access to the full Bible for people of all languages, whether written, oral or signed, and for the oral majority of the world still waiting for God’s whole story.

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