For 70 million people, sign language is their heart language.

There are more than 400 unique sign languages in the world.

95% of these sign languages have NO Bible translation.


Training & Resources for Deaf Bible Translation & Engagement

The need for sign language Bible translation is urgent. Written translations for spoken languages do not provide the Deaf with meaningful access to the Scriptures in their heart language. In response to this great need, the movement for sign language Bible translation has been growing extensively.

Through the Whole Word Institute, we are equipped to address the need for customized source language training and exegetical resources to serve Deaf translators & consultants. The biblical geography and historical sites in the Land of the Bible provide an ideal environment for visually learning the Scriptures, as well as a Hebrew immersion environment, including contact with Deaf teachers and users of Hebrew as a living language.

Investing in high-level training and resources for Deaf translators and consultants can have a meaningful impact on the sign language Bible translation movement and greatly improve the quality and accuracy of the translations produced. We have a significant opportunity to see the Deaf communities around the world flourish as the light of God’s Word brings hope and truth into their midst.


Adam Van Goor shares about the beginning of the CDS program from Jerusalem, and the need for source language in Deaf Bible translation.

The Ten Commandments in Israeli Sign Language

“Our God is a God who cares for those who are forgotten, redeems those who have been rejected…It is fulfilling to face what seems impossible from the perspective of the world and watch as God makes a way…The success of these students will inspire other Deaf translators who desire to learn biblical Hebrew and demonstrate that it can be done. They are blazing a trail to accomplish what had previously been considered unfeasible.”

–Adam Van Goor, Associate Director, Center for Deaf Scriptures